Race Official Updates

As of Monday 24th August 2015:

Following the last meeting of the NRROC earlier this year, the revised Measurers’ accreditation policy has now been approved by the Yachting Australia Board for use within the NOP.

The new policy is more in line with how the discipline is categorised internationally, so instead of the traditional categories of Club, State and National, Measurers are now broken down into two categories:

Measurer – Sails and Spars

Official Class Measurer

Accreditation for International Measurers is unchanged.

The criteria for the two new categories are detailed in the revised accreditation policy that can be found here on the Yachting Australia website: http://www.yachting.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/SPO.6.2015-Accreditation_Measurer.pdf

The new policy places more emphasis on the ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing and has also been designed to make accreditation more attainable by reducing the requirements needed for both initial appointments and re-appointments.

The application form and assessment form have also been updated to reflect the new accreditation categories and they can also be found on the Yachting Australia website here: http://wp-test5.sportingpulse.com/sport-services/officiating/race-organisation/officials/

All current Measurers have been re-accredited within the new system with the former Club level and Sails Only Measurers now classified as Measurer – Sails and Spars and the former State and National level Measurers now known as Official Class Measurer. Original dates for re-accreditation (ie expiry dates) have been retained.

All accredited Measurers listed in the Yachting Australia's Officials database and have been notified of these changes but your assistance will be appreciated if you are contacted for further information.