Report an Incident

Incidents can occur in any form of sailing; instruction, coaching, racing or cruising, or in any support activity. An important role in administering the sport of sailing is the review of incidents to ensure any lessons are captured. This will provide for an improved sport with better safety outcomes. The value of gaining statistical data and the ability to quantify how safe the sport is, or not, cannot be understated. To have this data enables the identification of adverse trends or specific issues that might require some remedial actions and ideally prevent recurrence or further accidents.

This form may be filled in by the owner, skipper or person in charge of the vessel, or any person assigned the responsibility. The report should be submitted within 24 hours to ensure the information is current and fresh in the minds of those involved.

We hope that you will use this form to share details of an incident with us so that we can learn from what happened and help to improve the sport. We would prefer too many reports than too few. If in doubt please send in a report which should only take a few minutes of your time.

Click here to fill in the Incident Report Form