Inclusive Club Standard

Inclusive Club Standard.
Creating Environments to Encourage and Support Inclusion in Sailing

Your club is encouraged to address these crucial questions -

  • What does being inclusive mean?
  • Are we truly inclusive?
  • Is inclusion a standing item on our Committee agenda?
  • How do we monitor our inclusiveness?

Your club is also encouraged to adopt the Inclusive Club Standard: Creating Environments to Encourage and Support Inclusion in Sailing and to notify Yachting Victoria when the club has done so.
At the 2014 Yachting VictoriaClub Conference the Inclusive Club Standard was introduced and was very well received by those in attendance. This document, and associated implementation processes, is an important initiative for Yachting Victoria in helping clubs encourage and support the inclusion of people with diverse backgrounds and abilities in sailing. Creating more inclusive clubs has numerous benefits, including:

  • Increasing participation in sailing and club memberships
  • Bringing new skills and talent to clubs
  • Increasing numbers of volunteers
  • Building local communities
  • Enabling participation in sailing for people who may otherwise not have opportunities to do so
  • Promoting the development of positive attitudes towards people from diverse backgrounds

The Inclusive Club Standard has been designed to facilitate assessment and planning efforts with respect to inclusion. The document contains multiple checklists that enable clubs to evaluate their inclusiveness. Space is provided forclubs to note what actions they need to undertake to become more inclusive.

Inclusive Club Standard




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Inclusive Club Standard

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