About the Race Officials Committee

The Race Officials Committee meets monthly (except January) and performs a number of functions for Yachting Victoria and directly in support of Clubs and Associations. The term Race Officials includes Race Officers, Judges and Umpires.

  • Support the development of Race Officials, conduct training courses and provide mentoring
  • Recieves and approves Race Official accreditation and re-accreditation applications for Club, State and National level appointments under the YA National Officiating Program
  • Recieves and conducts appeals
  • Responds to requests from clubs and associations including:
    • Reviews of Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions
    • Facilitationg Judges for Juries and Protest Committees 
  • Respond to YA and Clubs on matters relating to race officials and rules
  • Communicate ISAF Racing Rules matters to clubs and Officials
  • Review of matters as requested by the YV Board or CEO

To search for a local Race Official click here 

To learn about becoming an accredited Race Official click here

For help with any Rules or Race Official matters, please email us at RaceOfficials@YachtingVictoria.com.au


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