2016-17 Yardsticks

The Yachting Victoria Yardsticks are prepared to provide the fairest possible calculation of results for mixed fleet OTB racing.  New and modified classes appear every year and it is important to gather information and review results as quickly as possible. To ensure that the Yardsticks reflect current performances, performance data is needed.

In the past, empirical data, which gathers and compares results for mixed flees racing, has been used.  This data collection has not been received in recent years but can still be useful. 

With the advent of GPS logging systems, there is also the opportunity to measure the performance of classes based on GPS log data collection.  These GPS logging devices are small devices available for dinghies as well as for larger yachts.  Coupled with a centralised web based data collection system, they provide opportunities to capture race result data and analyse the performance data.

The documents below discuss the two data collection methods and outlines how data can be provided.  The spreadsheet below is to be used for returns of mixed fleet race results.

For further enquiries, please email otbyardsticks@yachtingvictoria.com.au

2016- 17

YV OTB Yard Stick 2016-17

YV Cat Yard Stick 2016-17


YV Yard Stick 2015-16

 YV Cat Yard Stick 2015-16

YV Cat Yard Stick 2015/16 **UPDATED 19 OCT 2015**



Key Documents
  YV Yardstick Data Requirements v1.1
  YV Race Results Return Sheet
  YV Yardsticks 2014-15
  YV yardsticks Catamarans 2014-15


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