gemba Research

Kate Gostlow, Monday, 27 February 2012

Sports market and research experts, gemba have completed their research into the perceptions about sailing by sailors and non-sailors alike.

Yachting Victoria is confident that our clubs, classess, committees and other leaders within the sport will find the 'key findings' of great interest.

To that extent, Yachting Victoria will be rolling out these findings over the coming weeks to various stakeholders and will look forward to some interesting discussion.

Clubs will be encouraged to share the findings with their full committee, sub-committees, staff, contractors and anybody that acts in any way as a ‘shop front’ for sailing.
YA and YV initiatives, as a result of the research, will also be outlined and discussed at these meetings with objectives established and understood.
Please find the link to the gemba Market Research Project and Report (summary and full version) here.